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Meet the Doctors

Dr. Lyndi Fandino Schmidt

Dr. Lyndi Fandino Schmidt

Dr. Lyndi Schmidt founded Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique in 2004.  She has over 15 years of experience in optometry.  She obtained her doctorate degree from the University of California at Berkeley School of Optometry, and is licensed to diagnose and treat glaucoma as well as other diseases.  Prior to that, she earned her B.S. with honors in chemical engineering.  She finds optometry to be a perfect blend of her strong interests in science, health, and technology.

Dr. Schmidt takes her time to really listen to patients and their needs.  Her professional yet caring demeanor allows people to feel comfortable in her presence.  During eye exams, she asks thorough questions and performs several tests to ensure very accurate eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions.  Her strong sense of integrity and protection of privacy has earned her trust among many high-profile clients throughout San Francisco, as well as from Southern California and out of state.  She happily resides in San Francisco with her husband and three young children. 

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Dr. Tiana leung


Dr. Tiana Leung received both her bachelor's degree in integrative biology and doctorate in optometry from the University of California, Berkeley. In addition to over five years of personalized patient care, Dr. Leung has over 10 years of experience in clinical trials focused on contact lenses and dry eyes at the UC Berkeley Clinical Research Center.

Dr. Leung loves how optometry gives her the opportunity to give one-on-one care, and the ability to change people’s lives through how they see and how their eyes feel. In her free time, Dr. Leung enjoys traveling around the world, experimenting with new food recipes, and catching musical performances in San Francisco.

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Dr. Nguyen Tran is an optometrist who also practices as a clinical instructor at UC Berkeley School of Optometry. Besides her interest in ocular disease, she has a post doctorate specialty in pediatric vision therapy and neuro-optometric rehabilitation.  Dr. Tran specializes in treating patients with serious vision problems related to concussion and stroke.  She also loves working with young children who have learning related vision disorders such as amblyopia, strabismus, and tracking issues. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (AAO), a member of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) and the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA).

 Dr. Tran’s interests include hiking, yoga and meditation, art, science, and nutrition.   She also values building meaningful relationships with others.