The Acuity Advantage

The Acuity Advantage

What is the advantage of coming to Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique over retail chains like Costco, Lenscrafters, or Site for Sore Eyes?

Corporate optical chains offer limited choices in lens types, lens materials, and contact lenses.  They sell what is in the best interests of corporate profits, which is not always suitable to patients’ needs.  Acuity Vision Optometry is able to offer a wide array of options that are in the patient’s best interests.  90% of our frame collections are independent boutique lines created by genuine eyewear designers.  Most of our inventory is made in Germany, Japan, Italy, France, Denmark, and the USA.  We receive no pressure from corporate management on what products we can sell. 

Our doctors are trained to take their time in assessing patients’ eye care health and visual needs---certainly no 15-minute eye exams.  Routine exams usually take 45 minutes.  We can also provide medical care that many optometrists in chain settings do not provide, even though they are trained and licensed to do so.

What additional perks do I get when I purchase glasses from Acuity Vision Optometry?

1-year scratch warranty on prescription lenses with anti-glare coating or polarization:

Let’s say you accidentally scuff your lenses, or your 2-year old took your glasses for a drag.  Just bring the scratched lenses in, and we will replace them one time at no extra charge within 1 year of purchase.

1-year frame warranty:

Any frame breakages or flaws due to manufacturer’s defects will be serviced or result in a frame replacement within 1 year from the date of purchase.  Exceptions apply to discontinued frames, frames purchased on clearance, or frames from collections no longer sold at Acuity Vision Optometry.

Free spray and cleaning cloth:

Receive one bottle of lens spray and one cleaning cloth when you purchase 1 complete pair of glasses (frame and lenses) from us.

Free frame adjustments:

Sat on your glasses?  Lenses pop out?  Bring your glasses in and we will adjust and clean them for you at no extra cost when you purchase them from us.  We recommend getting your glasses adjusted every 3-4 months.

Rush Eyeglass and Contact Lens Orders

If you are in a rush to get your new glasses prescription, let us know.  We can have your order ready as early as the next day.  Certain prescriptions require longer turnaround time, so please check with our opticians for next-day availability.  Contact lens orders can also be delivered as early as the next day, pending stock availability.

What other services are offered at Acuity Vision Optometry besides routine eye check ups, glasses prescriptions, and contact lens prescriptions?

Emergency visits: Avoid long waits in the emergency room! Our doctors are trained to diagnose and treat eye diseases, infections, and eye emergencies.  They are also licensed to prescribe any medications required for the treatment of certain eye conditions.

Outside prescription fills: We honor outside prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses that are within their expiration date.  Any eyeglass prescriptions that require an adjustment by the outside doctor can be redone one time at no extra cost within 30 days.

Frame repairs:  Broke your favorite frame?  Bring it in and we will try to repair it for you at a reasonable cost.

Lasik and refractive surgery consultations: Tired of wearing glasses or contacts?  Mention your interest in surgical alternatives during your eye exam and receive a free consultation.