The Final Stats Are In!!

The Final Stats Are In!!

Dr. Lyndi Schmidt is back in the US after her trip to the Philippines and volunteering at the EyeCare WeCare Foundation Medical Vision Mission in Guiguinto and Balagtas. She will be back in the office next week.

The final tally of the vision mission is in. Here's what they were able to do in just five days: 

1,580 -- the total number of patients they saw.
1,337 -- the total number of glasses dispensed.
40 -- the number of surgeries that were recommended.

Dr. Schmidt was part of this mission for three days, and saw hundreds of these patients herself. What a blessing she was for this mission!  Please visit EyeCare WeCare Foundation's Facebook page to see the day-by-day review of how the mission helped over 1,500 patients.  You can also see the post they made giving kudos to Dr. Schmidt and pictures of her work in action here:  EyeCare WeCare Foundation Facebook Page.

Here's what the EyeCare WeCare Foundation posted about Dr. Schmidt's participation in the mission:  

"We were blessed by having another doctor join us for day 2, 3 and part of day 4.  She was Dr. Lyndi Fandino Schmidt, an American/Filipina optometric physician from San Francisco, California, USA.  She and her daughter Nina were a pure blessing to the foundation to help us to keep our motto "Delivering God's Ultimate Vision Plan to the Poor."  She was especially a blessing to Dr. Jim.  Just to have someone helping him examine all the patients in a bus that exceeds at time over 100 degrees.  She brought some of her own instruments that ended up being very helpful to keep the long lines moving.  We were able to see 300+ patients per day. We hope to see her and her daughter on many future missions.  Than you Dr Lyndi.  No one can realize how hard it is to be aboard that hot bus for 8 to 10 hours each day and having to concentrate on each and every patient to help them to the best of our ability."