Wellness Screenings at Acuity Vision

In addition to your annual comprehensive eye exam, Acuity Vision offers additional, more detailed screenings, including Digital Fundus Imaging and Wellness OCT, to complement your exam. We recommend you get a Wellness Screening, particularly if you have a history of eye disease in your family.

These tests aid in the early detection of many eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular eye diseases, retinal diseases, eye/brain tumors, and eye damage caused by diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure and other systemic conditions. 

Digital Fundus Imaging
This test captures a photograph of the back of the eye (fundus) and provides the doctor with a full image of the central retina and its structures (the optic nerve, macula, and main blood vessels). The specialized fundus cameras have an intricate microscope attached to a flash-enabled camera that takes a snapshot. There is normal variation in these eye structures from person to person and it is good to have a record of each individual patient's eyes. In some patients, these images may detect undiagnosed eye disease. Many eye diseases cause slow structural changes over time. Having a reference image allows your doctor to more accurately identify changes in your eye structures and treat diseases at an earlier stage, which can reduce the risk of visual complications.

Wellness OCT Scan
OCT, or Optical Coherence Tomography, is a quick, non-invasive imaging test that uses light waves to take a cross-sectional picture of your retina. It allows our doctors to see beneath the surface of your retina to view its distinctive layers and map or measure their thickness. Eye diseases often have no outward signs or symptoms in early stages. This unique technology helps your doctor detect vision-threatening diseases in very early stages, when they are most treatable and usually cannot be detected without this scan.

While an annual comprehensive eye exam is an important part of preventative healthcare by evaluating the clarity of your vision, prescription changes, and testing for various eye diseases, our digital fundus photos and OCT wellness scans provide additional information to verify your overall eye is healthy and that there are no early signs of eye disease.