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Read what some of our patrons have to say about Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique:

“We all know vision is the most precious sense, but we also seem take our eyes for granted.  Lyndi Schmidt doesn’t though, and I always come out of my visits deeply comforted by the fact that she is looking after my eyes beyond compare.  Dr. Schmidt is ultra-meticulous and professional and has an exceptionally personable approach to work.  Her staff are superb and will bend-over-backwards to make sure one walks out of the office fully fitted and ready to roll.  One by one, our family (including our nanny) go to Dr. Schmidt and trust that at least one priceless sense is in great hands.”
Ali F.


"I have been a patient of Acuity Vision for over eight years. The professional care, service, and knowledge of Dr. Schmidt and staff is outstanding.  Entire team actively listens to patient's needs and works with them to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction.  I highly recommend Acuity Vision for one's eye care!"
Lori P.


"You have given sight to the blind!  Thank you so much for your generous gift of the eye exam and the great glasses.  Everything is so clear!"
Reverend Anthony R.


"Dr. Schmidt and her ENTIRE staff are terrific.  I constantly recommend Acuity Vision because it is so helpful to have pediatric AND adult care in one place.  Our whole family goes to Acuity Vision.  Our elementary age children are given thorough and kind care!  My husband and I appreciate and value Acuity's expert care, knowledge of our vision insurance, and Saturday hours!  They are also wonderful about drop-in glass adjustments.  It's fun to shop for new frames as they stock fabulous inventory."
Whitney B.


"When you walk into Acuity Vision Optometry Boutique you are made to feel more like family than a customer! Lyndi Schmidt and all the staff are very warm and caring. I always look forward to seeing them all on my annual checkup, and even between appointments to pop in to say hi."
David P.


"Some years ago, when I developed serious vision problems that required the attention of a specialist, Dr. Schmidt remained involved and it was she who noticed that the specialist had missed an important element of the diagnosis. She alerted the specialist, as well as my primary care physician and me, and because she did I was able to preserve vision in my left eye and avoid other possibly grave complications related to the problem.  Now I rely on her, not only for yearly exams, but to follow the reports of other doctors, something specialists don’t always do."
Bill Meehan, PhD
Clinical Psychologist


"I love watching the movies and the toys.  I like that I can see without it being blurry."
Andrew D.


"I loved the fact that your offices are kid friendly.  Your staff is wonderful and Andrew loves his glasses.  Repairs and adjustments were done quickly.  I never would have known he had a problem had you not done your initial screening.  Now he can see, doesn't complain of headaches and is able to write some letters."
Sean D.


"The staff at Acuity Vision is great!  I like coming to my doctor appointments."